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Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

The Film plot – Mad scientist invents amazing technology which then gets hijacked and turns on them… inevitably all comes good in the end (just as we’d expect of a loveable animated adventure). Meanwhile the mayor gets what he deserves, left stranded in the middle of the sea on a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich boat, muttering that his plans were ‘not well thought out’.


But what about the role of the ‘cloud’ in Early Years settings?

Don’t worry, signing up to the cloud won’t mean a rainstorm of beef burgers (although some of the team here think that it wouldn’t be a bad thing for a Friday Fuddle). Joking aside, getting to better understand the cloud and how it works will enable you to carefully consider how it might be used to support various aspects of nursery management – including learning journals.

As with any technology, especially where personal data is concerned (or if there’s a risk of a giant meatball sending rogue food out to attack) – security needs to be the number one priority.

It’s these factors that our very own Paul Campbell will be addressing in his forthcoming webinar on 22nd November 2016. Spare just 20 minutes of your time and he’ll give you a fantastic (and by that, we mean no jargon, plain English) introduction to the ‘cloud’ and will share some practical advice on the key security features you need to have front of mind for anything to do with the ‘cloud’.

Register your place now – We promise it will be all things cloudy – With no chance of meatballs!

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