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Meet the Team: Mark

As one of our longest serving members of staff, Mark has seen Capture grow from our very first customers to where we are today. Mark has become extremely passionate about education since joining the team and has a young son called Nathan.

Hi Mark, tell us about your role here at Capture.

I’m the Customer Support Manager here at Capture, which means it’s my job to take care of our customers as soon as they come on board. I’m responsible for training our nurseries and their staff when they join, as well as helping them with any questions or enquiries they have further down the line.

My priority is always our customers’ needs and I like to keep them happy by helping them as soon as they ask. I’d like to think they can consider me a friend.

What do you like about working at Capture?

One of the main reasons I love working for Capture is that it’s really fulfilling to work in an industry that is focused on the development and progression of children. The team at Capture are also really passionate and feel the same way, so I always feel at home coming to work.

I also enjoy working closely with practitioners to help them make their lives easier.

What have you learnt since being here?

A lot! I’ve discovered more about the EYFS framework and the amount of work practitioners actually have to deal with; this has made me even more eager to help them out.

I’ve also learnt about how important parental engagement is, not just for Ofsted, but for making sure that every child is achieving their full potential.

Has working with Capture changed your relationship with your son?

Definitely, I wish my son’s nursery had this system in place when he was there. I never really knew how he was progressing and the notes we’d get every now and again really didn’t do him justice.

Now that he’s in reception, I’ve made sure that I am more engaged in Nathan’s education, I like to find out what he’s been working on in class as well as what I can do at home to help him progress.

Finally, what are you looking forward to over the next twelve months at Capture?

I’m really excited to share our new update with all of our customers, we’ve worked really hard to gather feedback and make significant upgrades to improve the system, especially the parent portal.

I’m also looking forward to meeting all of our new nurseries that have recently joined us and building on our existing relationships with our long term settings.

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