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Little Angels Nursery and Pre-School

The team at Little Angels Nursery and Pre-School from Gateacre in Liverpool talk about their decision to switch to a digital learning journey.

The amount of time our team were spending on creating observations had been steadily increasing and we were looking for a solution that could reduce this while saving us money on our printing costs. The Capture Education platform has enabled us to do that. Our practitioners have got to grips with it very quickly thanks to the simple interface and training that was provided. We’re finding that it has reduced the amount of time we’re away from the children, which is really important to us.

We love the fact that we only have to worry about making observations and the system does all of the tracking. It’s really easy to see each child’s progress, which helps with the planning of activities to help progress their development. The fact we can use anything that is Internet-enabled has meant we are able to shop around for the best solution for us.

One of our favourite features is the parent portal. We’re gradually rolling it out to all our parents and they love being able to receive videos and images of their children, as well as sharing their own observations from their smartphones at home. It’s really making a different with their engagement.

We were initially concerned about security, but the fact that everything is encrypted and backed up set our minds at rest. We also like that fact that nothing is shared with other nurseries and that we have complete control over adding and removing users.

Price was obviously a concern too, so the all-in pricing was really helpful in managing our budget. We think over the year we should be saving money now our printing costs are lower.

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