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Meet The Team: Paul

Today we chat to Paul, our founder and managing director. Paul talks about starting Capture and his plans for the future.

Hi Paul, tell us how and why did you start Capture Education?

I have two children of my own and I found it really frustrating that the only insight in to my children’s time at nursery I got was through quick snapshots kept in a learning journey scrapbook that we’d get to see at parents evening or special appointments. As my background is in technology, I couldn’t understand why nurseries would take a photo using a digital camera, only to print it out and stick it in a book.

The more I discussed it with the nursery, the more I found out about the mountain of workload and effort that went in to maintaining learning journeys and how important it is that they are kept up to date. I figured that surely there must be a simpler and cheaper way of creating a learning journal and that’s how Capture was born.

What did you do before starting Capture?

For about seven years I was working in the technology sector for schools, involved in creating and developing some of the world’s leading and most respected tech products. I’d always wanted to run my own company and so I started a consultancy business to helps schools integrate with technology. It wasn’t long after I started doing this that I realised the need for a solution like Capture.

What have you found out along the way?

It took about eighteen months for us to get the first version of the digital learning journey released as we were always discovering new challenges and obstacles. Ever since, we’ve been working diligently to keep the system up-to-date and make improvements to ensure that we are constantly the best service for our childminders and nurseries. I really enjoy talking with our customers as they always bring fresh ideas on what we can do to improve.

Another thing we have learnt is the importance of great customer service, if there are ever any problems we do our best to get them fixed straight away so that our users can carry on with their work.

Which milestones that you are particularly proud of?

The one that stands out the most is the day we took on our first nursery. Knowing that we had something that people could see the value and benefit of using was a huge relief after months of hard work. After that, it would have to be the customers that came to us through nursery recommendations.

Another huge milestone was when we moved our office to Liverpool City Centre as we had outgrown our original base. We’re now expanding internationally and there is so much more things that we want to do.

What are the plans for Capture’s future?

I have lots of plans for where we want to take Capture in the future. We’re still growing rapidly and that’s really exciting for the whole team. Our developers are working hard on creating new features and improvements that we’re looking forward to sharing with our customers soon.


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