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The Perfect Storm

Now, we honestly didn’t mean to mislead you with this one… we’re not talking about ‘The Perfect Storm’ (the one where George Clooney courageously battles against three raging weather fronts and loses valiantly). We’re talking about The Perfect Storm that is raging in Early Years right now.

  1. Living Wage
  2. Increased free childcare hours
  3. Ratios & GCSEs

Collectively these factors are making it almost impossible for Early Years settings to survive – particularly for those where the provision of wraparound care and additional income streams are not feasible… So when it feels like the ship will keep on sinking, it begs the question – just when will a lifeboat actually show up?

The harsh reality is what we already know. The chances of a lifeline appearing any time soon is very unlikely, so the only solution is to ‘batten down the hatches’ and prepare to ride the storm out.

Based on what some of our customers are telling us, here are just a few ways that Capture Education can help keep the ship afloat during difficult times:

Maintain ratios – when ratios are under pressure, you can reduce the time spent on creating paper learning journals by going digital. This means more time in the room with the children, and less time on administration.

Improve parental engagement – better engagement with parents not only helps track learning development, it also breeds confidence in childcare provision (which can only be a positive thing when it comes to recommending your setting to their friends and family…)

Increase efficiency – by making it easier to track children’s progress against curriculums and produce detailed reports at a click of a button, the system frees up management time to focus on other areas that will help the nursery to survive.

While here at Capture Education we would obviously love to make the raging storm simply disappear and whisk everyone away to warmer climates (We quite fancy the Caribbean) – life’s just not that easy. But there are some small ways in which we can help – and are helping many settings…

You can hear more from them here

And to make up for misleading you with Mr Clooney… we’re offering a full free trial of the system (so you can decide for yourself if it will help you ride out the storm, even if just a little).

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