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With a directive from the Area Manager that a move to digital was on the cards, Stables set about piloting Capture Education in the baby room. After a successful evaluation period, the independent nursery is now preparing to roll the system out across the whole setting and all three sites.

How it worked for us

We worked with the heads of room to agree and establish how best to approach the initial pilot – choosing the baby room to start with as this had the fewest children.

Parental engagement was a key priority for us, so this naturally started with obtaining consent from those who would be involved. After this point and just a couple of days’ training – we were pretty much good to go in terms of piloting it.

We used the Samsung tablet recommended by Capture Education, and immediately found the benefit in uploading pictures direct to an observation. This was so much easier than having to physically write up observations after an event – we simply take a picture and upload. It’s as simple as that!

The Capture team were fantastic at supporting us throughout the whole process, you always knew you could pick up the phone and speak to someone personally – whether it was a techy query or something more related to how the curriculum is set up on the system.

With the initial pilot complete and key learnings under our belt, we’re now rolling Capture Education out to all of the rooms and are really looking forward to less paperwork and more time in the rooms.

Our three favourite things

Less time writing up learning journals means more time in the rooms with the children – and ultimately better ratios.

The reports make it more visual when it comes to monitoring a child’s development – this makes it easier to identify where they need more support.

It’s a great opportunity to keep parents informed of what’s happening in nursery – but we can still choose what we share, and when.

Our STAR tip

Taking a little bit of time out at the start and planning ahead will help your team to better prepare for the transition and complete some basic training – this will really pay off in the long run!

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