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5 Reasons To Go Digital

Making the decision to digitise anything is never an easy process. There are so many things to consider, so many questions to ask and at the end of it all, will it even make a difference?

Our nurseries tell us every day how much of an improvement Capture has made at their setting, so if you’re still ‘uming and aming’ about your learning journal future, here are five reasons we think you should go digital….

1. Make the most of your time


A huge bonus of going digital is that it makes your entire process a lot more time efficient. As a practitioner, nothing is more precious than your time and it’s almost impossible to find the minutes let alone the necessary hours to fit in completing a learning journal in your already hectic day.

With a digital learning journal, you can record and make observations as they happen using a tablet or camera. Just point and click and that’s it, the digital system takes care of everything else.

2. Refocus your attention

5 Reasons To Go Digital 1

No one dreams of becoming a practitioner for the love of the paperwork. When working children, your only priority should be them.

Practitioners are natural multitaskers but anything that can ease the load is always a bonus. With digital, you’ll no longer need to waste time away from the children to write up notes, print photographs and then glue everything together. A digital system can take of your reporting too, so no more tearing your hair out over an Excel spreadsheet!

3. Make it simple


Recording an observation should take no longer than ten seconds and by using a digital learning journal you can shave-off even more time.

Most systems have spell-check built in which makes a huge difference to practitioner accessibility. Capture even comes with a super useful speech-to-text feature, meaning that all you have to do is literally say what you see!

4. Stand out from the crowd

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It’s important for nurseries as well as any other business to be at the forefront of technological advances. Going digital helps you stay organised and is a massive selling point for potential parents worried about sending their child to nursery.

5. Engage your parents

5 Reasons To Go Digital 2

Speaking of parents, we all know how important parental engagement is to a nursery’s financial and academic success.

Using a digital learning journal let’s you share photographs, videos and examples of work to genuinely connect them to their child’s education. You can also share special achievements such as first steps or first words to make sure that parent’s never miss a moment.

Where next?

If you believe that you’re ready to take your nursery to the next level, why not try the Capture Education digital learning journal, completely free for three months? You’ll be joining hundreds of nurseries that rely on us daily to make a significant positive contribution to their daily lives.

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