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Kindergarten Kop

It goes without saying that safeguarding and security are two of the highest priorities in any childcare setting. Well documented processes, policies and procedures provide the necessary evidence for that all important Ofsted inspection and offer peace of mind that the children are safe – but what happens when it comes to online security?

Unlike paper-based evidence; the tricky thing about online is that it’s hard to see. But at Capture Education, we’ve got our very own Kindergarten Kop working hard behind the scenes with your online security his number one priority. Assigned to have every angle covered, he’s got your back. Literally. And here’s how…

The Terminator of Tech


As you’d expect with anything technology related, the safety and security is wrapped up in a whole load of technical jargon. You can find out more about the full technical detail here but for the less techy bods (like me) – the plain English is basically that our system is one of the most robust on the market. Not only in terms of the hardware and software protocols we use, but also the physical and operational security of the datacentres (which are based in the UK and Ireland).



Every setting of our learning journal has its own dedicated database, which means there’s absolutely no chance of data between nurseries getting mixed up. So in the same way Arnie and his pal Danny were separated at birth in this unlikely comedy film, if you’re using our digital platform, you can be sure that your data is completely separated from other nurseries.

The Governor


Not strictly a film, but Arnie’s career has taken him from Hollywood and blockbusters to politics and legislation. Here at Capture Education we take compliance with legislation very seriously – specifically the Data Protection Act. We’re fully registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and operate strictly within their codes of conduct. If you want to know how, just ask us.

We fully appreciate that safety and security can be a bit of a worry when wanting to make the move from paper learning journals to online. But tech shouldn’t be scary and we don’t believe in blinding people with science. Speak to any of our Early Years Experts and they can walk you through the key security features in an easy to understand way… or if you want the full technical run-down, we’re more than happy to open up the geeky cupboard and let the techy bods loose!

Now that’s enough from me from now… I’ll be back (sorry, had to be done)!


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