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Firework Safety

Firework displays are always so much fun and everyone here at Capture HQ loves to go out and celebrate Guy Fawkes night. If handled safely and correctly fireworks are absolutely amazing, however, they can also be really dangerous. We have put together some do’s and don’ts for your safety this bonfire night.



Be safe.

Never take risks when attending or putting on your own firework display, always use the necessary precautions when keeping yourself and others safe. Let the children know that fireworks are not toys and that they can be super dangerous. According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust  over 550 children under the age of  16 are taken to A&E in the four weeks surrounding bonfire night. The more you plan and prepare for a firework display the more enjoyable it will be.

Don’t scrimp when buying Fireworks.

The Fire Service UK give some pretty decent advice when it comes to purchasing fireworks. They stress the fact that you should never cut corners when buying fireworks and only buy fireworks from legitimate stores. Most fireworks in categories 1 -3 can be purchased in stores and you should always look for the British Standard approval written on the box (BS 7114).

Be Prepared.

Always ensure the necessary precautions are in place just in case something didn’t go to plan. A bucket of water, eye protection, gloves, a torch and a bucket of soft mud/ earth to stand the fireworks in are all recommend by the UK Fire Service.

Follow instructions.

Always read the instructions carefully when setting off your own fireworks and once lit don’t go back to it – sometimes they can be slow at getting started. It is best to get set up in the daylight and ensure everything is in place.




Children under 5.

Don’t give children under the age of 5 sparklers – we tend to forget that sparkles are actually dangerous because they look so pretty! Sparklers can reach a temperature of 2000ºC, that’s over 15 times hotter than boiling water! Be extra careful and always supervise any child over the age of 5 when handling sparklers. Wearing gloves is a good way to ensure extra safety.

Don’t forget your animals.

Most of our pets HATE the noise of fireworks and can become super scared on bonfire night – to help relax your pets close all windows and doors in order to cancel out as much noise as possible. Comfort your pet in order to reassure them and if you leave the house put some background music on in order to mask the sound of fireworks.

Smoking and drinking.

If you are attending a public firework display then most likely you will not be in direct contact or even close to the fireworks. So drinking alcohol responsibly shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are holding your own firework display then drinking alcohol or smoking when handling fireworks is definitely a big no-no. Wait until all the fireworks have been discharged before cracking open that lovely cold beer.


For all hints and tips on Firework safety we found these links super helpful:

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