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Meet the Team: Ray

We speak to Ray, one of our learning journal experts.

Hi Ray, tell us about your role here at Capture Education?

I’m one of the Learning Journal Experts at Capture Education and it’s my job to support nursery managers and childminders to make the transition to digital.

As part of that, I provide training to our new customers and promote the benefits of using an easy and efficient tool like Capture to manage the early years journal.


What do you like about working here?

There’s a great atmosphere in the office and it’s really refreshing to be surrounded by a diverse team of experts with skills in early years, IT and customer service.

It’s a great combination, we all work hard and are extremely passionate about what we do, yet it’s a friendly and relaxed environment where everyone is committed to making sure our customers always get the best experience possible.


What attracted you to Capture-Education?

My grandson’s nursery uses Capture and I am constantly checking and receiving updates on his early years development and learning.

When I first heard about Capture I was thrilled as my son would only share the paper learning journals with my wife and I a couple of times a year. Through Capture I am able to log in and see weekly updates of how my grandson is getting on and it’s great.

When we go out as a family if my grandson learns something new or experiences something for the first time we can take a picture or video and upload it there and then onto his digital learning journal. This is a great feature as we can keep the practitioners updated on my grandson’s ‘wow’ moments just like they do for us.


What have you learnt since being here?

My background is in digital communications and video production, I have learnt how to apply my experience in helping nurseries understand this new and exciting way of capturing and sharing those special moments that happen in settings on a daily basis.

I wish this had been around when my children were younger however, I now have a grandson so it’s a great way of being involved with his nursery and gaining a better perspective of how much hard work and dedication goes into looking after children.


Finally, what are you looking forward to over the next twelve months at Capture?

We are growing and developing new ideas all the time,  it’s a changing world and so much so in this digital age it’s exciting to be part of a company that holds on to traditional values about childcare and maintaining high levels of customer service. We have also switched to a new system which is safer, secure and more stable in order to make updates in the future easier and better for the user. I will focus on what is really important to Nurseries in their communication of observations and the children’s progress.


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