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Holding hands helps Little People

Learn how Little People in Staffordshire has used the training and support available to make sure staff and parents get the most out of digital learning journals.

Capture Education talks to nursery manager Jayne Waterman to find out more…

In a nutshell

Little People Nursery switched from paper records to the Capture digital system 18 months ago, a transition which went smoothly thanks to training and hands-on support from the  Capture team.

How it worked for us

“Capture is our first experience of a tech product like this and some members of staff were unsure of it to begin with, but we have had excellent support from the Capture team, and Mark in particular. They have been great at hand-holding and really helping us to get to know the system, dealing with queries of any sort – usually questions like ‘can we do this’ or ‘can we do that’ – so we are learning all the time.

“Mark trained two members of staff and then they were in turn able to train others. We have also had parents in to train them, so they are comfortable with recording and sending their own observations. The parents we trained are definitely more inclined to use it and share things with us.

“The team have found it very easy to use and now even the technophobes are on board! Everyone know that it’s ok to ask questions and, in fact, some of our questions have resulted in changes to the programme. Users can now link short observations and long ones, and send group observations to individual contacts.

“The support we had and continue to have from Capture has helped build confidence in the team and made the transition to digital relatively easy.”

Our three favourite things
  • It makes reports so much easier – saving paper and also petrol, as we used to have to drive around with paper reports for different schools.
  • Better quality reports – observations and reports can be checked more easily, so I have my finger on the pulse.
  • It is very visual – both for staff and parents.
Our STAR Tip

Make use of the Capture team! Take up the training and keep asking questions. It is very easy to use, but technology doesn’t stand still – if there is a function you think you could benefit from, ask the team about it.


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