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Unicorn Nursery makes remote working a reality

Learn how Unicorn Nursery has used Capture to enable one member of staff to work remotely across the nursery’s two sites in Sandwell, Birmingham, and how it has helped her to track and boost staff development.

Capture Education talks to Education Leader Abi Kalia to find out more…

In a nutshell…
With two large nurseries in Oldbury and Tipton, and around 400 children split across the two sites, managers at Unicorn Nursery knew they had to make the move from paper to digital. After a trial of Capture Education at one site, they rolled it out across both nurseries. It has since revolutionised the way one member of staff works, and helped her to monitor and improve staff development.

How it worked for us
“We knew we needed to move from paper to digital in order to stay current, and staff were struggling with piles and piles of folders, so after a trial at Oldbury, we opted to roll out the system to the Tipton nursery too.

“Once we had Capture at both sites, it made my job a lot easier. It’s my responsibility to check observations, making sure they include all of the right details, and then send them on to parents. Before Capture, I would have to check the paper-based folders, so it was not as thorough, or as immediate. Now I can log in and see observations as soon as they are entered.

“As well as a comprehensive log of each child’s progress, I can use Capture to monitor and review the work of each key worker, setting them targets to encourage progression, so it is helping with staff development too. There are about 20 key workers, so this is much easier now everything is digital.

“Because Capture is online, I can work remotely across the two sites. I can log in to check observations and monitor staff progress at both nurseries. I can see who has done what on a daily basis, even if I’m not able to get to both nurseries every day.”

Our three favourite things
It is exceptionally easy to navigate.
Staff can easily update the records while working alongside children, making it more convenient.
Staff can upload pictures, video and audio immediately, and I can find observations immediately – no more trawling through paper folders!

Our STAR tip
Take advantage of the flexibility! I never thought that remote working would be an option in a nursery, but technology has brought the two sites closer together.


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