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Mark’s Day at Paw Patrol – Review

Our amazing head of customer service Mark and his son Nathan take on Paw Patrol Liverpool! Take a read of his review and let us know your opinions!


Me and my son Nathan who recently turned 7,decided to get involved with the Paw Patrol Live Stage Show which had rolled into Liverpool for two days, and 6 shows!

Nathan loves paw patrol and with him recently turning 7 we decided it was the perfect time to watch them live.

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Overall I would say that the tickets themselves were pretty expensive -but in fairness any family activity is these days. A meal out or even a trip to the cinema can cost around £100!I suppose for the quality and length of time;the price was acceptable in the current market.

What did hurt was seeing the tickets on Groupon for a half the price a few days before the show.(ouch)

Despite that me and my son made the day of it! We started our day popping into Capture Towers to say hello and then around lunch time we set off for lunch at What’s Cooking, which is a great place to eat for children right by the arena!

Now with our belly’s full, we went over for the 4.30pm showing.Inside there was fun for all ages, with beer and wine for the mums and dads.Then toys and hats for the kids (I find it is important not to get those mixed up).

One item did catch Nathans eye, and I suppose it is futile to try and get though any event like this and not have to buy some merchandise, but £15, for a spinning Chase which lights up was very hard to swallow. (Chase is a police dog, and leader, after their human Ryder, of the Paw Patrol pups)

They were very popular, almost every other child had one, and Nathan did seem very happy with his heavily branded and marked up merchandise, so in the long run, there was value added to the experience.

Now, for the show itself.I must say, the production value was very high.The best compliment I could give it, is that it was as good as the shows you may experience in one of the world’s top Theme Parks, such as Disney.

It was Disney level quality, which really is the gold standard for this kind of entertainment.The costumes where excellent, the story moved well, the length of time and brake in-between helped all the little ones stay focused.

I would say a child from 2 up to 11 would get a lot out of this show, and when weighing up the cost of a day out, not to be cheesy, but putting a smile on your child’s face – it’s worth it.

It was extremely enjoyable, and a great day out.


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