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Bringing parents into the observation process

More observations, less administration

The Early Years learning journey is an exciting and varied one for all involved.

But when every day brings a new experience or skill, how can you make sure nothing is missed and that you are documenting all the important milestones?

While Early Years practitioners are undoubtedly well versed in recording and tracking progress, can you always be certain that you’re seeing the truest version of the child and that they’re not holding anything back? Maybe shyness is stopping them from revealing their abilities, or perhaps the child focuses on tasks better when they’re not distracted by friends…

This is where parents and caregivers come in.

Observations from anywhere in the world

Bringing parents into the observation process 1

Capture Education believes everyone is a stakeholder in a child’s education and that learning doesn’t simply finish just because they’ve left the nursery or childminder setting for the day. To this end, Capture gives parents the unique opportunity for two-way reporting on their child’s progress.

This means that wherever the child is when they demonstrate a new skill or ability, details can be instantly added to their online learning journal, providing a more rounded view of the child’s abilities.

Whether the child is enjoying a family day out at the zoo and starts counting animals, or picks up chalks in the garden and starts writing their name on the paving stones, it can all be recorded and uploaded from any internet enabled device for the nursery teacher to view, and map to curriculum outcomes.

A more tailored learning environment

Not only does making parents part authors in documenting their child’s achievements mean the responsibility for tracking progress is shared, it also offers a jumping off point for more tailored activities in the nursery setting. For example, for the child counting animals at the zoo, this could mean using animals as a fun tool to further learning and expand on their new skills.

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with children

Making parents key players in documenting their child’s abilities means Early Years practitioners can enjoy a more engaged relationship with parents, ultimately benefiting the child’s overall learning journey.

We’d love to show you how other nurseries and childminders are bringing parents into the observation process, from as little as £50. Book a free telephone demo with one of our UK based consultants today.

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