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Mikayla’s TEFL trip to Thailand

Mikayla is our lovely business admin assistant. She is in charge of making sure everyone’s digital learning journals data is perfect and ready for our customers!

After spending months completing my TEFL qualification, it was finally time to embark on my new adventure to Thailand to be able to give something back to communities that are less fortunate than ours.

Over the month I spent away I was thrown into the deep end of Thai culture from the likes of walking with elephants and dodging snakes to eating bugs and every type of noodle known to man!

Mikayla's TEFL trip to Thailand 1

Visiting the elephant sanctuary was my favourite part as it gave insight to how cruel animal tourism is and why it’s important to spread the message that you shouldn’t put your money into elephant riding camps or tiger temples and petting zoos.

Mikayla's TEFL trip to Thailand 2

Spending every morning teaching Thai children English through songs and games was so fun and rewarding as they were so excited to see you, pencils and books out ready to learn. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was teaching children or monkeys as they’d be jumping all over you not wanting you to leave!

Mikayla's TEFL trip to Thailand 3

The topic I chose to teach was body parts and I did this by teaching the children ‘Head shoulders knees and toes’ as well as the ‘hokey cokey’ which they found hilarious. Was great hearing them sing it with their friends on the playground after we had left.

Also on my travels I spent the day at a disabled children’s orphanage in Cha Am giving them the presents Capture had kindly donated. Seeing kids with virtually nothing with huge smiles on their faces and so selfless in what they had been given melted my heart. No scuffles or snatching but instead they all shared and played together. Whilst I was there to teach and play with them they also taught me to be kinder and also to be grateful for the life I’ve been blessed with.

Mikayla's TEFL trip to Thailand 4

In conclusion, It’s safe to say I’ve got the travel bug and can’t wait to plan my next adventure!

Mikayla's TEFL trip to Thailand 5


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