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I wish I had Capture’s digital learning journal when I was a nanny!

As a Nanny it is not mandatory to complete observations in the same way Nurseries and Childminders do, however, it is something I always completed anyway. I liked to have up to date knowledge of how the children in my care are developing and being able to share this with the parents.

I made scrapbooks for the children, containing pictures and little observations. This was lovely for the parents to have. Although, something like Capture would have been great to properly track progress, using tools such as individual reports on the system gives you a great insight to this. I really wish I had Capture when i was a nanny.

A few benefits I would of loved are..


It would have saved me time

When you are busy looking after 3 little ones and a family dog… life is wonderfully busy and there isn’t any time to be bored! But finding time to complete the paperwork I did was often hard in the day. When the children slept, it was then my time to  cook and sort household chores. So, my books usually got completed at home in my spare time. Although, I didn’t mind doing this, having something like Capture at the time to quickly take pictures & perform observations would have been amazing and saved me so much time.


Promoted parental engagement

Communication is something I feel very strongly about and you always need to ensure both Nanny & parents are doing this effectively. Obviously, this can be done verbally and through over means. However, there are so many times I would have used Capture to quickly take snapshot of a special moment to send to Mum & Dad. I think also, for first time parents, who have just employed their first Nanny, going back to work and leaving their little one can seem very daunting. Just think how great it would be to be sat in the office receiving lots of pictures to your parent portal of your child/children playing! A system like this would give parents great reassurance. They could also share with me what fun things they have done over the weekend.

Keeping family involved

I worked for a family who lived quite far away from their Grandparents and they weren’t just down the street and able to pop in. They were a whole plane ride away! I would have included them on Capture and given them a parent portal. They would have been able to view all the fun activities their Grandchild was doing. I know this would have been so special for them. In modern society, some families live in separate countries to Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles – so Capture Education solves this problem!

So, all you great Nannies out there – why don’t you try using our Award Winning Digital Learning Journey. I guarantee you and your Nanny family will love getting involved!


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Thanks for reading 🙂

Caroline Blair 


I wish I had Capture's digital learning journal when I was a nanny! 1

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