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Bonfire Activities for Early Years

It’s that time of year again yes, its BONFIRE NIGHT!.It’s exciting for all the family so wrap up warm watch fireworks, play with sparklers and eat sticky toffee apples and of course have lots of fun. Bonfire night is also great for childminders, practitioners and nanny’s to plan activities for their little ones. 

We have search the internet to share with you some of our favourite activities.

But first we are going to share some tips with you to stay safe on this exciting night!


Few tips to staying safe

* Stand well away from the bonfire and the fire works

* Make sure whoever is setting the fireworks off they read the instructions first

* Point the fireworks in opposite direction making sure there is plenty of space between guests and fireworks

* Supervise children with sparkles

* If doing your own event, ensure there is a bucket of water close by for emergencies

* Don’t go near fireworks after they have been lit

* If at a local event always keep your eye on child

* Tidy up the next day.


Dish Brush Fireworks

Mix blue and red paint and then dip your brush into to make firework prints!

Bonfire Activities for Early Years 1

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Bonfire Craft

Mix red,yellow and orange paint!

Bonfire Activities for Early Years 2

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Fruit Rockets

Strawberries, grapes and blueberries. A healthy bonfire night treat

Bonfire Activities for Early Years 3

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Chalk Fireworks

Use water chalk and black paper to create a firework

Bonfire Activities for Early Years 4

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Toilet Roll Fireworks

Cut slits into a toilet roll and then dip into paint!

Bonfire Activities for Early Years 5

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