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Improving Parent Engagement and Staff Morale with Capture Education

Improving Parent Engagement and Staff Morale with Capture Education

We revisit Little People Nursery to see how Capture is continuing to improve life at the setting. We spoke to Jayne and she let us know how capture has improved parental engagement and staff morale in her setting!
“We’ve been using Capture Education for nearly two years now and we’re constantly impressed as the features and functionalities are always improving; particularly the recent updates to class reports and the introduction of the new app which means our staff can work offline!”
The support

As always, the support from the Capture team has been second-to-none. Knowing that we can pick up the phone and speak to someone directly is a great benefit, especially as they’re able to help us and sort out issues straight away.

customer service
Parental Engagement

It has been fantastic to see the improvement in parental engagement since using Capture. Initially, we were struggling to get feedback, but now more and more parents are using the app to share observations. It’s great to receive photos and videos; but parents are now making their own notes

Staff Morale

We’ve been using the reporting tool more and more and we now produce a plan at the start of every half term which we revisit at the end of the term. Not only can we see how much the children have developed, but it’s also a wonderful way to recognise the hard-work and effort that all our staff put-in to supporting the children. It’s really important that our practitioners are recognised for their achievements, and Capture lets us do just that.

I would not hesitate to recommend Capture to another nursery and look forward to continuing to track our progress and achievements on the digital learning journal!



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