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Stop! It’s time to say goodbye to endless Early Years admin

It may seem a little early to mention the C-word but, as the weather turns cool and crisp and the jumpers come out of the wardrobe, it can only mean that Christmas is slowly creeping up on us.

For many Early Years practitioners, now might be the time that you’re thinking of taking the children in your setting on a special Christmas outing. Maybe you’re thinking of taking them to see their first ever pantomime… oh no I’m not, oh yes you are!

But what about the admin side of trips? The endless back and forth with parents about where you’re going, whether their child will be attending, and how much it’ll cost – not to mention actually taking payment for it. It’s no surprise that many are put off planning such a trip before they even get started.

There is an easier way.

Gone are the days when you had to craft a letter, print it and send it home just to get the ball rolling. As a Capture customer, you can effortlessly send messages to individual or groups of parents to let them know about your upcoming panto plans.

Follow this up with message containing straightforward yes or no buttons and little Johnny’s parents will be able to send an instant response to let you know whether he’ll be joining you. In no time at all you’ll be able to book your tickets, wrap up the admin, and settle down in the reading corner to share your favourite fairytales with the children.

Stop! It’s time to say goodbye to endless Early Years admin 1

But wait, what about payment? How will parents know what to pay, and who’s going to take on the task of trying to collar little Johnny’s parents at drop off time to remind them payment is overdue when they’re dashing off to work?

It’s ok. Breathe. Capture has it covered.

With Capture, you simply send payment details to parents and they can then pay directly through the app. You don’t even need to get involved. Forget about rummaging around for change when little Johnny’s parents only have a £20 note on them. The days of handling cash in the office are behind you.

Not only will Capture tell you who has paid and who hasn’t, but the parent app will automatically send a reminder to parents to tell them what’s outstanding, leaving you free to roll out the dressing up box and teach the children all about panto costumes to get them in the mood.

But what if little Johnny’s parents are actually struggling to cover the cost of the panto trip? It’s definitely not in the festive spirit to leave anyone behind but breaking the cost down into instalments would be a lot of extra admin. Well, Capture can help you out there too. It couldn’t be easier to set up a recurring payment request to one – or many – parents, meaning you can establish a manageable payment plan for them, without any extra work for you. And little Johnny gets to watch Jack find his fortune up the beanstalk.

Now that’s a happy ending.

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