Easy Marketing ideas for Child Care Services

At Capture we understand how busy you are as an owner of a childcare business. We also know how important it is to market your business efficiently and also within a budget to target parents!

Now social media is available, it is a really competitive market to gain customers.

Parents are asking more questions about early years education and they will use search tools like social media and google to find answers. You need to be that answer.

Social Media

social media

Social media is a crucial step for marketing your early years setting. Often parents go to social media to find nurseries, childminders and clubs that will suit their needs.

Social media offers a chance for you to create a brand and a voice. We suggest starting out by creating a Facebook and Instagram page. Instagram and Facebook is the perfect place to really show of why you’re the best service around. Share your day to day activities, testimonials of your parents and also any offers you might have.

Here are some links to guide you on setting up your Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Setting Up a Business Page on Facebook

Setting up a Business account for Instagram

Childcare Services Social Media Inspo

Here are some of our favourite early years settings Instagram and Facebook pages


Instagram Goals!  Alli Evans really knows how to showcase her setting. She uses a white background to display her EYFS activities and we love it!

Check out Alli Here!

Acorns Nurseries Limited

Acorn’s are one of our lovely customers using our digital learning journal. With 12 settings based in the UK, Acorn’s really know a thing or two about marketing. We love this idea of  ‘Meet the Staff’. It really gives parents an insight to the nursery.

Check out Acorns Here!


We love Twinkle Tots Instagram feed! We think it’s fantastic how they have used the children to make their activities come to life!

Check out Twinkle Tots Here!


Host an Event!


We think hosting an event is the perfect marketing technique!  This is especially great if you are a new business. We recommend trying to host an event that is open to the public with no RSVP required. This is a great way for parents to have an inside look at your setting.

If you are a setting that’s been around longer and you just want to show off your setting, we recommend hosting an event that intrigues parents. For example, getting a parenting guest speaker or holding a workshop.


  • Give out Brochures
  • Create an Event on Eventbrite
  • Market your event on social media
  • Provide some refreshments and catering

Get a Website

Most parents will go to google to find a service in their area. For you to show up in google you will need a website. Website’s are really important for any brand in general. A website gives some professionalism to your business.

Having a website also makes you stand out from the crowd, you can show off your setting in a totally unique way. Use videos on your website, pictures and more.

We know websites can be expensive. This is why at Capture we create websites tailored for Early Years starting from only £250.  Find out more HERE

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Marketing by

Word of Mouth

capture learning journal

The good old fashion way, but word of mouth is actually a really effective way to get your name out there. We use this technique at Capture, if a customer speaks highly of you too other people it will enhance your reputation in the early years sector.A good reputation leads to more customers!

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook has the ability for you to join groups in your area. On here you can post advertisements for you’re service. TIP: not all groups let you advertise so make sure you look into this first.

In addition to there being groups for your community. There is usually groups based on your particular service. For example if you’re a childminder try searching for ‘Childminders in London’. In these groups their is usually a bunch of parents advertising looking for specific services for their children!


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